Q. What are your opening times?
Our shop is currently closed. Please call us for more information

Q. Where can I find you?
Please give us a ring and we will try to help you as best we can.


Q. Will it be good for my back – surely it’s too soft?
A waterbed gives the impression of being soft because of its ability to yield to the shape of your body. By taking the shape of your body it is in turn giving every contour of your body the same amount of support. This means that even the small of the back is being supported and the spine is able to relax in its natural position no matter which way you lie. Coupled with the constant, comfortable temperature, you are providing your back with eight hours of therapy.

Q. Will sleeping on a waterbed make me feel seasick?
No. Water mattresses are available without any motion at all but many people find some movement very relaxing and conducive to sleep.


Q. What if it punctures – won’t it flood?
The water mattress is made of very durable and toughened vinyl. Unless someone makes a deliberate attempt to puncture the bed with a sharp instrument, it is unlikely to rupture. However, in that unlikely event the safety line, within the frame, and the mattress will contain all the water, preventing spillage. The damage could then easily be repaired, often even without emptying the mattress.

Q. Will my floor be strong enough to take the weight?
A waterbed has a specially designed base that spreads the load evenly across the floor, so it can easily be accommodated in your house.

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