Simply Waterbeds

Looking after your waterbed

Waterbed conditioner should be added to the mattress every 6 months to keep the water fresh. The water is only changed if the bed is moved to another house or room. Spray and wipe clean the mattress with vinyl cleaner 3 or 4 times a year. This helps to keep the vinyl supple, as well as free from dust.

We provide a reminder service for conditioner and cleaner, which are available from the shop or by mail order.

Replacement parts

Waterbeds are very durable and will provide many years of service. All waterbed components are replaceable. We can supply only or supply and fit new mattresses, liners and heaters.

Bed linen

We stock and supply by mail order, mattress covers, fitted sheets, pillows and pillowcases in standard sizes as well as made to measure for larger and special size beds.

Other services

We can provide:

  • Drain & dismantle
  • Put up and refill
  • Complete bed move
  • Pump & Hoses to hire for DIY waterbed moving